About Me

I have always loved the sound of the harp, and a growing interest in things medieval and Celtic finally led me to buy a Celtic harp (also called an Irish harp, lever harp, or folk harp). I loved it immediately!

After a few years, I sold my first harp and bought my current one - made by Dusty Strings, 36 strings, made of bubinga wood. It is just a dream - a joy to look at, with a mellow floating tone and voice that must be heard to be appreciated.

My harp and I have been playing for more than ten years now, in and around Calgary, at such events as weddings, funerals, special events for Carewest, the Irish Cultural Society's formal "Green Tie" dinner, and as a guest at various concerts, for eg. with the Rocky Mountain Folk Club, Celtic Folk club, Spruce Meadows' Christmas Fair, and a "Concert for Peace" put on by Project Ploughshares.

I started studying piano at the age of five and have been playing since. In that time, I passed my RCM grade 10 with first class honours, I have taught piano both at home and in a studio, played for weddings and funerals, and have accompanied church services for almost 30 years, which has also entailed accompanying choirs and various soloists.

This picture is my "baby" - a Gerhard Heintzman piano from about 1911 and just the loveliest piano I ever saw!